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Antec 900-2 Help!

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Im new to OVERCLOCK.NET and (Computer Cases) forum section seemed like the best place to post this topic. Recently i bought a (Antec 900-2 ) gaming case for more space/airflow http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=NzIy. I had no problems transfering the Hardware from my (Hp Pavillion Elite m9500y) http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/hp-...-33514661.html to the new case.
The only problem im having is the fact that i continue to get this error when i boot up my Computer (Error: System Fan Has Failed! Service PC to prevent damage to the system.
press <F2> to continue)
Now i've come to relize that this error comes from the fact that my old 3 pin case fan is no longer plugged into the motherboard. I've read just about everything on how to solve this minor hang up, and even read that a Tech suggested using a jumper on the system fan pins... ( Bad idea!! )

Anyways my motherboard has some major restrictions on it and it doesnt seem like i have the option to turn off this warning. Is there a possibility that one can unlock certain options that has been locked?

The MoBo is a MSI ASPEN

Thanks Kemer
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There should be a 3 pin connector for your fan on the motherboard. Just find it and then plug the fan into it.
Sorry, i didnt mention that the new case already has 4 fans. There is no room for the old 120mm case fan.
replace the rear exhaust fan with the one from the HP case....it should fit
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