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Antec 900, Antec P180

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just wondering how much i can get for two cases i got around

Antec 900
one has a broken fin on the top fan

Antec P180
Broken USB Front Panel

both about 5 months old
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for the 900 probably $50 and the p180a bit more.
900 @ 50 + shipping
p180 @ 70/80 + shipping
-antec 900 @ 50+shipping
-antec p180 is hard to price since its pretty heavy.. but ive been watchin their prices.. they are around 80-90 on ebay.. shipped.. and urs is used and a little broken.. so im guessin like 65? if so, id be interested.. i got extra p180 parts.. pm if we can work something out...
Pics would help.

Originally Posted by IamRolks View Post
Pics would help.
well there @ work i am deciding if i should take them home and do something with them

probably gonna pickup the 900 first then decide on the p180 because its heavier
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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