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Antec 900 front fans

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I recently bought two of the 120mm blue LED fans that are found on the front of Antec 900s. I simply want to know what the airflow and noise levels are like, since I'm planning on sticking both of them onto my GeminII.
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If you can give me 1 min I can look them up for you.
I don't know exact #'s, but they are roughly ~35CFM, 57CFM and 79CFM
They are pretty quiet - the high speed is a little loud for some people, I find medium is a happy, well, medium

WoO! You're in Amherst eh?

I'm from Manchester!
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39 CFM - 25 dBA / 56 CFM - 28 dBA / 79 CFM -30 dBA
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Sounds good, I'll wait for wire's numbers.

EDIT: looks like he got 'em as fast as he said he would! I'm coming from a single TTake A2029, so I'd say this is an improvement.

I love the Shire of Newhamp. Voted best state to live in for a long time now, and one of two states to have average gas <$3/gallon. I just hate the people who live in Amherst, the old ones, that is. I got crap from an old lady at the beach I work at (Baboosic) because she didn't think she should pay $2 to get in.
you have to pay to walk on a beach? that is so wrong...
Yeah, I guess I was close on the numbers

Honestly, some people say they are loud, I think people are just whiney.
"I want high CFM!"
"I want no noise!"
Can't have both, people! lol... there are compromises to be made...

I don't know if I have ever been anywhere in Amherst O_O
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Well, you pay to go swimming (lifeguards!) and use our boats and toys and everything...I dunno, it's a town beach. I vacation in Long Island a lot and it's like $10 per person for a day at the beach.


Originally Posted by dpawl31
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Honestly, some people say they are loud, I think people are just whiney.

For a sec I thought you were talking about Amherst people. Yeah you shouldn't care about Amherst, nothing really goes on.
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i have a 900 with all fans on low. putting the fans on high makes them very loud and has very little affect on temps.
I find this to be the case:
Low: Decent temps
Medium: Better Idle AND Load temps
High: Better Load only, but noise is a bit too high for some people.

I run 4 Tricools on high, the 200mm fan on high, a 60mm and a 40mm fan, both maxed out roughly 4000rpm, 92mm freezer cpu cooler fan @ 2800RPM, the 7600GT fan....

And I can't hear my PC over my window A/C Unit...

Originally Posted by dpawl31
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And I can't hear my PC over my window A/C Unit...

that isn't saying much. i dunno, to each his own. most of us are running well below the rated temps anyway. i like the quiet.
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That isn't saying much?
C'mon man... the A/C is on low, and 8 feet away from the computer...
I have the antec nine hundred case and when i have all my fans on high and i turn my pc on it sounds like an airoplane taking off but im not sure about 2 on its own cant be that loud and it also obviously depends what setting you have them on
Do you trust someone with a run-on sentence and the word "airoplane"?

It's airplane, by the way

Anyway, I have a total of 10 fans in my case, all on high, and I hear my A/C on the other side of the room, over my PC... so, I'd say that's somethin'.
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Damn 10 fans lol what temps do you get ?
Keep in mind I am using:
a 90nm dual core Pentium D (2 PrescHotts on one die)
and a botched job of Ceramique TIM... (removed CPU HS ~5 times w/o reseatin)

My ambients are about 76F...
CPU Idle is ~40C and full load ~52C
MB temp idles ~31C and load ~33C
Hard drives never go about 28C
GPU idles ~40C Never tested load.
With all my antec fans on high, it is too loud for me. Personally, I run all of the 120mm tri cools on med (5 of em) and I run the 200mm on high. I also run the Zalman on about 1800 rpm. That is my ideal noise level.
wow im suprised dpawl i thought they would be alot lower than that i recommend Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste works great for me
When it was 70F ambients, a fresh slab of ceramique...
I was getting 33idle and 47 load.
Oh- I forgot to mention, overclocked from 2.8Ghz to 3.7Ghz.

[/ThreadHijack] hehe
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Well it's going to end up being the two 120mms from the Antec 900 on the GeminII CPU cooler, a 120mm in the front, an 80mm on top, and an 80mm in the back, along with two 80mm for the PSU (usually only one is running). I'm sure now that my PC is going to be a little louder than before, but it can't be by that much. As long as people aren't like "Antec 900 fans is too loudz lolz!" then I'm good.
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