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Antec 900 + Side Fan + Noctua NH-U12P?

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I know a TRUE 120 extreme can fit in the antec if the corner of the sidefan is cut off. Does anyone know if the same applies to the Noctua? I really hope so and i intend to run in pull-push config.

If not then can anyone recommend a cooler that will fit the antec 900 with the sidefan still on? I'll be cooling an i7 920 D0 on a Rampage II Extreme and hoping to get to 4GHz Any help appreciated!
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i see but i meant with the antec tricool 120mm sidefan. cutting one corner fits the TRUE..just need to know if the noctua fits
Looking at the dimensions of Noctua NH-U12P, pretty much its as tall as megahalems/true. So I think you will have to cut the side fan corner to make it fit.
hi you will have to mount it like i have i am going to fix mine up today cause i just quickly put it on i didnt have much time ill repost another picture when it is all fixed up but here is what ive got atm
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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