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Hey there folks,

Its my first post here so I hope at least its in the right section if not please move.

I have a Antec P193 that I bought some years back, I like the case and I would like to keep it. Unfortunately one of two Antec neolink power supplies is dying and during any significant load the voltage drops and all the devices go away. I checked all the caps and they look ok so I'm guessing it's something else.

At this point I decided I wanted to replace the whole Neolink setup with one decent power supply, at which point I ordered the seasonic X1050. The problem is that most/all of the new power supplies take the air from the outside and push it towards the inside of the case. This doesn't really go well with the P193 case design which has a separate chamber on the bottom of the case. In it's original form the air would enter through a filter/fan from the front of the case and get pushed through a one of the power supplies which has a fan that pushes the air towards the outside.

This is where I am now; I could install seasonic in it's stock form. Then get rid of the wall separating the power supply air chamber from the rest of the case.. This design seems to be the standard nowadays it seems.

The 2nd option is to keep the Antec design/power supply chamber and reverse the flow of the fan on the power supply. The nice aspect of this is that I would have filtered air going through my power supply, but I would have to open the power supply voiding the warranty.

I would like to hear any opinions on how you guys would approach this.

Thanks much
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