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Going to buy a new pc, I am kinda confused,
I can buy the pc for 2 stores and take the cheapest parts from one shop,
and the cheapest parts from the other shop and
it will be much cheaper,
But I'm not sure I'll be able to build my pc, with the cable managment and stuff, I trust my self to build it more than the store tho

so, will it be that complicated? or its find? the pc is:
Nine hundred
Q9550 + Vendetta2
PCP 750W

The most thing im scared of its the vendetta2,
even tho I've setup my Freezerpro7
and the acceleroS1 I think it will be hard,
and I saw ppl drilled their case ;o

I dont know what to do :<

Help PLZ


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Building a PC is not that hard at all. Just do some reading on the net and you should be fine. Most components also come with instructions which helped me on my first computer i built. As long as you're careful and think logically you will be fine.

Cable management is a bit harder in the Antec 900 but you should be fine and it wont affect you're performance except for temps.

Not sure about the Vendetta 2 never had experience with it

REMEMBER to ground urself before you get building
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