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Any Athlon II X4 overclocked benchmarks yet?

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any comparisons of how the 620 and 630 perform when overclocked opposed to its original speeds? or against other cpu's out there?

cant seem to find any
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not perfect because they are from different overclockers but as you can probably figure out the higher multi plays a huge role
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Check out my signature. I got it to a 1ghz overclock pretty easy with putting my voltage on the cpu to 1.6 and turning down the speed on my ram and hyper threading.
I dont understand those charts at all >.>

would you be able to tell me the performance boost in terms of % from stock speeds to OC speeds.

fake example: like 620 at 2.6 going to 3.6 is a 25% performance boost.
That is a good question that i would like to know too.
Run all 7 hwbot 2d benchmarks and ill tell you
not sure you need 1.6vcore on that chip tho m8 especially for 3.6. Max safe from amd is 1.55 and I've never really needed that much tbh, doesnt seem to scale well over 1.475ish for me at least.
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Yeah, 1.6v is wayyyy too much.

My unlocked X3 is at 3.6GHz at 1.475v. 2.9 to 3.6 is a 25% overclock. 2.6 to 3.6 would be like 30ish.
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