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I had a P3S for awhile, it was fun but honestly more on the toy side, I'd stay way from the standard edition. I then upgraded to a P3P it was a big step up as far as range, you can take it out of sight with ease. As far as video quality wise it was ok, I wouldn't even say great let alone amazing.
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I do not want buyers remorse in the sense of thinking "these photos look good, maybe even great, but certainly not outstanding."
I also want to just jump in and grab a top-tier quality drone and not waste money on a middle market one to then find myself buying the high end again later.
I think you'll have to go with the Inspire series if you want that feeling, with one of the higher end camera options. The P5P might be interesting, but it's not out yet and there are just leaks, so it's tough to recommend waiting. It's not going to be better than the inspire, that's for sure.

Thus being said if I were to buy a drone right now it would be the new platinum edition mavic, the new quieter one with more run time. It's not the best image or video quality, but through using the phantom 3's and understanding how I wanted to engage with the hobby the compact size and quietness of the mavic outweighs the quality.

Also you need to edit your footage. I would shoot in a raw/dlog type format that looked pretty bad unedited, but once you go back and add in the colors it looks far better than trying to shoot in a finished video mode right from the drone.
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