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Any big drone users here?

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I am looking to get into a prosumer drone this year, basically waiting to see if DJI releases any major improvements with a Phantom 5 that hopefully comes out Oct/Nov or if an updated Mavic has a real camera sensor on it, otherwise I will likely grab a Phantom 4 Pro at a minor discount.

I love the idea of the mavic with portability (especially if ever traveling), but I think the quality of the camera is more important and unless they basically provide the new P4P camera on an upcoming mavic revision I will have to pass on it.
I do not want buyers remorse in the sense of thinking "these photos look good, maybe even great, but certainly not outstanding."
I also want to just jump in and grab a top-tier quality drone and not waste money on a middle market one to then find myself buying the high end again later.

Just curious who out here already has experience with some high end drones for photography and video.
I would imagine a few of you have a P3P, P4, or P4P.
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