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Any big drone users here?

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I am looking to get into a prosumer drone this year, basically waiting to see if DJI releases any major improvements with a Phantom 5 that hopefully comes out Oct/Nov or if an updated Mavic has a real camera sensor on it, otherwise I will likely grab a Phantom 4 Pro at a minor discount.

I love the idea of the mavic with portability (especially if ever traveling), but I think the quality of the camera is more important and unless they basically provide the new P4P camera on an upcoming mavic revision I will have to pass on it.
I do not want buyers remorse in the sense of thinking "these photos look good, maybe even great, but certainly not outstanding."
I also want to just jump in and grab a top-tier quality drone and not waste money on a middle market one to then find myself buying the high end again later.

Just curious who out here already has experience with some high end drones for photography and video.
I would imagine a few of you have a P3P, P4, or P4P.
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DJI makes some nice drones of various sizes and prices. But as you've mentioned in a way, the quality of cameras depends on the model or what you slap on it, meaning you can have a nice inexpensive drone you can take anywhere or get a huge film making like setup that will cost you both kidneys and then some.

4k60 is a must IMHO, and the Spark and Mavic might not do that, DJI site sucks they don't even list basic specs. P4P seems to have 4k60 and a decent sensor but it's larger and so on. Even the Mavic isn't that small when you have it in your hands.
Spark is neat. The flight time of all is rather poor. 15-30min only.

DJI probably hard to beat when it comes to consumer drones right now.
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