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Any BIOS editor that can modify fan speeds?

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Just got my X800GTO and reflashed it to a X800XL and got all 16 pipes unlocked.

I see that ATI tool will let me remap the fan speed vs temp table and I remapped it so that when the computer is under low load (browsing/email) the fan only runs at 20%. Very nice.

Now my issue is that I only use WinXP for games and everything else I'm running linux. What I'm looking for is a BIOS editor that would let me create a BIOS where the fan speed is remapped like I can do in ATI tool so that I can get the reduced fan speed (and noise) in Linux.

If that doesn't exist does anyone know of a way to modify fan speeds in Linux? I found an overclock utility for Linux (Rovclock) but it doesn't do the fan.