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Any Cable Modem (Canada.)

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Hey guys, Im stuck with Rogers (Yahoo Rogers, whatever.) and its been quite slow for the past few days. Reciently, Ive been hitting pings 200+, up to a max of like 800ms, Which i find Obsurd. Im paying 45CAD for this each month and im gettin crap service. Theyre the only cable provider in my area, so that explains alot.

I was wondering, Could i get a SB5100 (Motorola Surfboard) off ebay and just use it on my system, or will that cause conflict?

Thanks. =)
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it wouldnt work right away, you would have to call them afterwards, and give them the new mac address "numbers/letters" on the back of the modem, since cable dosent connect VIA user/password, it dose it with the mac address, so your current mac address is in their system atm, if you were to use a different modem it wouldnt work til lyou give them the new one.
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