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any chance of 500fsb?

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hi i would like to know if my cpu could handle 500fsb. My ram is rated at 2000mhz so this wouldnt be a problem would it? and finally has anyone rached 500fsb on a quad with a x48 mobo?

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here are my bios settings:

fsb: 471
multi: 8.5
cpu clock skew: 300ps
nb clock skew: 200ps
dram freq: 1885mhz
c/r: 1n
dram timings: 8-8-8-24
cpu voltage: 1.31
cpu pll voltage : 1.51
fsb termination voltage : 1.24
cpu gtl
0: auto
1: -40mv
2 auto
3 -40mv
nb voltage: 1.51
dram voltage: 1.9
cpu spread spectrum: disabled
pcie spread spectrum: disabled
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i'm sure your CPU could do a 500 FSB. my Q9300 does a 500 FSB daily. just drop the multi.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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