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Any coolers for GTX 285 out yet?

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Im looking to get a decent cooler for my GTX 285 soon before summer is there any out yet? I want to get this one but I dont know when its coming:
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Originally Posted by Juggalo23451
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That will be out some time in April, the cooler u mentioned above

Okay I thought it would've came out this month they said but April it is then.
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that looks sweet, and unlike that TR HR monstrosity it's SLI compatible...
I'm getting TWO once they're out, that way I'll be finally able to get rid of the vacuum cleaner sound...

Originally Posted by 10acjed
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The HR-03 GTX is out, just need to grab the extra heatsinks for the 260/285 55nm gpu's

Thermalright HR-03 GTX


Should I get that one or the Accelero?
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water cooling is alot more efficient both in space and temps wise, new watercooling blocks have been released, dont forget you always have the option to cool your cpu air style but your gpu by water, and vice versa
Definitely go with the thermalright Hr-03 gtx. I had a hr-03gt for my 8800gt last year and i loved it.
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Okay but does anyone know where I can get the Thermalright-HR-03-GTX-260-285-Heatsink-Pack somewhere else then his site: http://www.jab-tech.com/Thermalright...k-pr-4414.html

I can't seem to register I keep getting an error every time I want to.
ncixus.com has the hr03-gtx for $55
I didn't register when i used jab tech. Definitely the way to buy. Great customer service.
I'd get that Accelero. Looks like it does the job using a sleeker design. Those Thermalright heatsinks perform great, but are ugly and bulky, IMO. Of course, I'm not one for the huge heatsink look. I'd rather have water, and if you ever want to SLI a couple of these, I would suggest a small loop for just the GPU's, as it would be just slightly more expensive than two of these huge heatsinks, and would look and perform WAY better. On a recent i7 build I put together for my boss, we used an MCW60-R2 and Swiftech GTX200 heatsink on an EVGA GTX260, and added it to his FuZion V2, 360 rad, D5 pump loop. Thing idles at 40*C and loads at 43*C! And his house is usually pretty warm, too, so the ambient is up there, plus it's in the same loop as his VERY hot i7 920 @ 3.8GHz HT enabled, which loads at 65*C.
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