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Any Gigabyte x48 DS4 people?

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I searched the forums and came up w/ very little info on this mobo. I'm looking for a little input from anyone who has a Gigabyte X48 DS4. I'm trying to overclock my q9550 C1 past 3.86ghz. I have an Artic Cooler Freezer 7, 4 1GB sticks of OCZ Platinum 2 DDR2800 4-4-4-15 2T, a PC Power and Cooling 750w Silencer, Antec 900 case. I hit the fsb wall at 455

More info:
cpu volts @ 1.425
nb volts @1.65
ram @2.15 and 5-5-5-18 2T at 910mhz (1:1 ratio)
Speedstep and C1E disabled

I don't mess w/ too much else. When in windows, cpu-z shows a very minimal vdroop of about .15 or so. I've benched it in 3Dmark06 w/ a pair of 4850's in xfire @ 700myz/2200mhz and pull about 21,700, but I want a little more to put my buddy in his place

RealTemp shows no temp problems at all. My TJ max is set to 95. When benching, my window is open and the fan is blowing w/ case open, and it's about 10F outside

Does anyone have any thoughts to get my fsb to 475ish, besides getting new ram or a p45 chipset? Any more volts needed? Is my 1:1 memory divider holding me down?

Thanks for your time!
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There are a couple of members here that own it but as far as I am aware, there are no reviews that I have seen on it.

Also, gigaybte released the X48 DS5 literally weeks after the DS4 and they seem identical but there must be some reason for the revision release.

Also welcome to OCN!

Please fill in your system specs in in User CP.
Thanks for the welcome Robilar!

It looks like the DS5 has 2 more sata ports to me


and the DES power saving thing found in line 1 of the DS5............



LOL...........I'm still fairly new to overclocking in the past year or so. From what I've researched, the x48 chipset can take 1.65 volts which I've done with Everest showing no heat issues on it whatsoever. From what I've seen, it appears the Intel P-chipsets do better than the X-chipsets, except for the whole PCI express 8x or 16x thing which seems not too matter much. I'm thinking my RAM may be the culprit, but I'm not too familiar w/ the ins and outs. I've heard 2 2GB sticks overclocks better than 4 1GB sticks. And if you get a Micron D9, then all the more power to you
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