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ANy good games worth playing??

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Last good one I played was Bioshock Infinite.

I started Metro Last Light but got bored fast.

Anything else??
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Well, what kind of games do you enjoy. The more descriptive you are the better reccomendations people can give. Ultimately everyone looks for a different experience when it comes to games :3
Tomb Raider 2013 is a fantastic game.
Chivalry Medieval Warfare is really good if you're after some pure multiplayer killing madness, or a new-ish indie game on steam called The Swapper is something I've been enjoying recently, the puzzles are really quite something and it's such a lovely moody game
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Yeah I plyed the new Tomb Raider- fantastic, except for the distracting animation problems when she is climbing and jumping etc.

I like action, adventure and shooter type games, maybe a bit of RPG as well.
TES IV Oblivion and TES V Skyrim are both great games if you like RPGs. You should also be able to get Oblivion at a low price as it was released back in 2006. Keep in mind though I don't know those games you mentioned, although I have heard of them.

EDIT: I see you beat me to it regarding RPGs, but I'd recommend trying these two.

EDIT: Which platforms are you interested in? Just PC?
i'd recommend

Hitman absolution
the walking dead episodes 1 to 5
Sleeping dogs
Indie games such as hotline miami, FTL, limbo, ..
EDIT: Nevermind, I made a mistake.
Sleeping dogs if you like GTA type games!
mmm... I'm a huge fan of multiplayer games, I still play BF3, CS:GO, LoL, DOTA 2,TF2.

But for single player:

Farcry 3
any total war game
portal 2

I guess I don't play a lot of single player game haha.
Well it all depends on what you like

I like RTS games and combat flight sims

Both sims that are sims and more arcade style sims

Strike Suit Zero was the last game i played and i very much like that so if you like that kind of games i say go play that
Well if you want a challenge, i'd suggest Dark Souls (PC version).I've sunken over 200 hours into it and still playing. PvP also available if you want to mix things up!

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Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham City (the new batman game soon to be released looks fantastic, do not know when it will be released)
Max Payne 3
Team Fortress 2, one of my all time fav's and I ran a 300+ person community for awhile with several servers. People make fun of the hats and other items and I understand why but once I got back into playing it, it really was a lot of fun and TF2 has a great competitive community. Valve updates it constantly to this day.
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I like action, adventure and shooter type games, maybe a bit of RPG as well.
Well, in terms of free to play games :3 There of course is Planetside 2, an awesome shooter with RPG elements on a MMO scale. Another kind of action adventure game still being worked on is WildStar which offers unique 'paths' with which to travel. Should be mostly in the form of MMORPGs. The Payday series is always fun even if you cant get a groupe of your friends out to play with you. Then there is always the binding of Issac if you havent tried it :3 Great arcade style action game with upgrades that make the replay value very high.
I am looking for new games- after Bioshick infinite.
Whens this Battlefield 4 comin gout??
Also I cannot WAIT for the new THIEF
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Originally Posted by TrustNoOne View Post

I am looking for new games- after Bioshick infinite.
Whens this Battlefield 4 comin gout??
Also I cannot WAIT for the new THIEF
This will be a fun game if you like survival types

7 Days to Die


There are tons of videos up on youtube right now and the pre-alpha is due to be released on the 16th as long as they do not get overloaded or have their servers crash with all the excitement. It is really a true survival game with really good zombies. It is getting a lot of attention now that they have raised so much money on kickstarter. You have to buy the $35 dollar pledge to get the pre-alpha.

here is there official website

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