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Any help with SAMSUNG UE32F6510 response time please?

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Hey everyone! I have a question or 2 I would like to get some help on, as my research is hitting a brick wall. I currently have a Grundig 55 inch TV and even on game mode with my Xbox 360 hooked up I am getting about 1/2 to 1 second delay in movement and shooting. So, I am in the market for something a little smaller like on the lines of 32 inches (I feel it is better for gaming anyhow rather then something so large) with 3D and found this lovely looking Samsung. SAMSUNG UE32F6510. BUT, for the life of me I cannot find anywhere online which suggests its response time. And the sites I did find listed it as Response time: ---. Does a line simply mean there is no input lag, or what. Anyone have this model by some chance and can help me out? Thanks for your time and patience. Peace:D
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The TV probably has a variety of ports that need to be scaled to the resolution of the screen.
Which is where some input lag comes from for TVs

So I would say that the TV does have input lag, what's this I don't know
If you were looking for a TV with no Input lag it would have to have no scale and probably on one type of input, like the Korean monitors.

Input lag and response time are different things though, I'd look online and see what others say about it's gaming performance, since response times are one of those things that can vary depending on how a manufactures wants to record them
Sorry for the late response. Thanks I will try to research a bit more! Or maybe go with a Yamakasi multi input model.
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