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Any new releases I should be aware of?

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Well I do computer stuff for people in the local neighborhood, so it's common practice for me to stay up to date.

I've only been up-to-date up to the GTX 285 and 295 release and the 9800GTX+ renames (GTS 250 or something along those lines?)

I haven't been up to date ever since, so are there any other new releases that are already out or coming out I should be aware of?
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Originally Posted by waverider599
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The ATI 4890 and the EVGA Classified mobo. 4890ish http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/.../ati-4890-asic.

Thank you.

So the 4890 is the next one on top of 4870 yes?
when does it come out?

oh knew about the EVGA Classified x58. How is it? worth considering over the asus p6t deluxe you think?
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