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Any Palm Pre/Pixi Owners?

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If so, which one and what do you think of it? I might be getting one of the two, but I'm not sure which one I want.

The Pre has a better processor, larger screen, and wifi.

The Pixi is cheaper, looks better (IMO), and has a more preferable keyboard (IMO, I don't like sliding phones).

I'm torn between which of the two to buy if I do decide to get one.
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I'm planning on getting the Pre once my contract with Sprint runs out in September. If its successor has been released by then, I'll be getting it. Pixi is nowhere in my plans; it is clearly meant to be one of those "free" phones carriers entice customers to buy. Sprint really is an excellent carrier though.
If the Pixi had Wifi i would use it over the Pre.
Hi, I just bought a palm pixi plus from verizon and I love it. It is very functional and easy to use. I think the Pre might be a little better hardware wise....because the pixi is a little sluggish compared to droid when on the internet, but it's not really noticable. The pixi is great and I love the looks.
My brother has the Pixi and loves it, says it's very intuitive and responsive even though it's technically weaker.
I like my pre but because it slides apart, you can't get a case that works with it very well.

I mean, i have had3 cases but all break after a single drop...
I have the plam pre. And i gotta say i dont like it. The slider is not attached properly and has alot of movement in it kinda feels cheap, The volume controls have some problem where they are two sensative, i may just have a bad one, Ive had it for a few months now. apart from that i do like the software side of it, it connects well to wifi and handles pdf and email and websites very well the touch screen is nice as well, So i wouldnt buy another palm phone but that just me im sure other really love it.
i have a sprint pixi, and i love it, there have bin patches to overclock the pre but not the pixi, gosh i wonder how safe those are? palm doesnt recommend them hmhm i hope maybe i can find a good one for my pixi?
I am also looking at getting either the pixi plus or the pre plus now that they are coming to att. I like the looks of the pixi more and it's cheaper but I'm not sure if I could give up the bigger screen on the pre and the extra 8gb of storage.
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