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Any Recommendation?

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I'm looking for a new speaker system and i was looking for anyone recommendation (from $70 down) and make sure its work, right now i'm using the $2 couple speaker (i hate that *****)
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Altec Lansing 5100 Enhanced 5.1 - £77ish
Creative Inspire £60+
Logitech Z-3 £60+

Edit: Just realised the budget was $70 not £70!
Logitech X-530 - £45 (a little above budget)
Creative Inspire 6.1 6700 - £45 (a bit above again)

But bear in mind that these will probably be cheaper in the US and may well be within your budget
i can't find any of them on newegg, u got another site?
I bought these: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...150-016&depa=0

After shipping, it's $116 ($16 shipping), but they are so good it is amazing.

The satellites (my pic) have 3" midrange drivers and 1" Mylar (kind of rubberish thing used in tweeters) tweeters. They are among the few speaker sets around the $100 mark that actually have tweeters, and the high response was so nice and clear it took my ears a while to adjust; i had to cut the highs. They come close to JBL N38 tower speakers had in my room a while ago, which cost roughly $150 a piece (they're passive too no amp)

Also, it's really weird, but the midrange drivers look EXACTLY like the main drivers on some Logitech speakers. Even with the fairly small cabined on the satellites (they're about 10.5" tall) the mids sound great.

The sub is about 12' wide and tall and about 14" deep it's really huge. and that 8" driver looks big and has a huge surround on it. Place it in a corner and it shakes the crap out of my house. pic1 pic2

So, check out my pics of them and take the advice of an audiophile who owns these and treat yourself to them
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logitech Z-3 rediculous good sound for the price
trust me, these rule!
but they're outta stock... so,
tested those at best buy in the store, KICK A$$!

PS don't forget, a new soundcard will increase the saound a lot: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...102-173&depa=0
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