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Any way to get S-video from 780G?

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I want to build a low-end HTPC using a 780G mobo for a TV that doesn't have HDMI. It only accepts s-video, composite, and Y,Pb, Pr. Is there any that can be done to a 780G mobo so I can get that type of video output? I would prefer not to have to buy a separate video card just to get that type of output.

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I bought one of those before and it didn't work. Just got fuzzy lines on the TV. Perhaps I did something wrong?

The description says:

This cable is primarily used for connecting video projectors with Component-in capability through it's VGA port. It can only function with a VGA port that is either able to recieve or transmit Component signals (Y, Pr, Pb).

IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT YOUR COMPONENT VIDEO SOURCES TO A REGULAR COMPUTER MONITOR OR HDTV unless you monitor specifically has this capability. Most do not. (Please check the documentation for your computer monitor)

THIS CABLE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONNECT YOUR COMPUTER'S VGA PORT TO THE COMPONENET INPUT ON YOUR HDTV unless your video card supports component out function through it's VGA port (please confirm with your video cards documentation before purchasing)
Does the 780G have that specific capability so that it will work on that mobo?
get a vga to component break out cable.. that will be ur best bet.. composite will look so bad.. i guarantee it..

link to cable

jus make sure it supports component outputtin.. im pretty sure it will since it can do hdcp.. but dont quote me on that..
So is anyone running this setup? Based on the description, it seems like those cables are designed for projectors. I bought the VGA to component cable and it doesn't work for my HTPC right now. Can anyone confirm that it does work on their rig?
i got one with my 4850.. ill try it on my 780g rig at home.. later on today.. will post results.. if i forget jus remind me via pm..

the cable link says "Connects PC / laptop to LCD projector, HDTV, DVD Players with VGA to RGB support, and other Y / Pr / Pb component RGB display system" so it depends on the video card.. the cable is fine.. you jus have to adjust in the CCC.
Did you ever find out if the 780G VGA port supports this? I need this functionality myself, and don't want to buy one if it isn't going to work. (They're really expensive, like $3+free ship on ebay. Rip off
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just get a cheap graphics card that has svideo out, youll even be able to do hd and blue ray with something like a 8500gt if u get a better telly in the future
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