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Anybody used this EK-SB MAX-EX chipset water block?

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Hi guys and gals,

Does anyone own or have used this water block:


I am planning to cool my chipset(my motherboard is a Maximus Extreme) with this block but I am not sure if it will interfere with my GPU(4870x2). Also, do you guys have any suggestion for the water blocks for my NB and Vregs?
I need something that will fit in my Maximus Extreme..Thanks a lot!!
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Originally Posted by ira-k
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7/16" ID will be really loose on 3/8" barbs, no way would I try that, I doubt you would ever get that clamped well enough that it wont leak.

If you have to neck down to 3/8" for that one block I'd just use 1/2x3/4" tubing on the whole thing. Then just get a foot or so of 3/8x1/2" tubing. Cut a little piece of it long enough to go over the 3/8" barb, then just slide you 1/2" ID tubing on over that and clamp it, that gives you a real good leak proof union without having to use reducers.

Or just use some reducers...1/2" barb to 3/8" barb Hose Adapter

i guess you could try this with some thin-walled 1/4" tubing stretched over the 3/8" barbs... should work if you soften it with boiling water.
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