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I noticed the GVFS - Git Virtual File System - in the news the past week or two. I think the news came out of microsoft announcing their GVFS when something like that already existing with that name. Something like that. I can't seem to find the non MS version of GVFS so I'm a little confused on that part. (edit: Other thing was Gnome virtual file system. Backlash related to the same acronym/name of repositories involved)

Anyway, I had never heard of it before and I think I need something like this exact thing for managing several gigabytes of data.

So I was just wondering if anybody was thinking about using it. Not for development necessarily, just for managing a large amount of data.

One example is my habit a creating an "install" folder on multiple different computers. It's where I store all the various program installers (on windows, obviously). I assume with GVFS I would be able to maintain a "definitive" version of such a folder. I would be able to sync that directory structure to the next PC. Finally, only have to download the latest 7zip the one time and auto-sync it every place else. Some my install folders are multiple gigabytes. That's just one example. I actually have a much better use in mind.

Anybody have an opinion on using something like GVFS to manage large amounts of data on a high capacity storage server?
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