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Anyone bought PS3 from Bestbuy with replacement plan?

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I was given a PS3 with some kind of replacement/service plan(I believe it's replacement) and it have some problem now.

I just checked my receipt and it did not say what kind of plan it is, the SKU for the plan is 8504843, and it says 2YR $300-399.99 GAME CONSOLE, cost $59.99.

The receipt was stapled to a Performance Service Plan brochure but the SKU does not match any of the Service Plan SKUs, so I'm think it's a replacement plan SKU.

If anyone purchased their PS3 from Bestbuy with a Replacement Plan, can you please take a look at your receipt and see what's the SKU?
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If its 59.99 then I would assume thats exactly what it is.... i just bought a PS3 from Best Buy and was offered the "extended warranty", which was 59.99

I think its worth it... something goes wrong within 2 years you're worry free. Take it to Best Buy and they'll replace it.
Oh it's worth it. And I'm not saying it because I work there. I hear from customers all the time about how happy they were they spent the extra $$ on the plan when their PS3/360 Broke. It's so much easier than mailing it away etc. Bring it in store and get a replacement same day.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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