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Anyone bought/used these external hard drives?

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So I'm looking around for an external hard drive to back my stuff up. So far, I'm deciding on these two.




Have you guys encountered any problems using these? Reliable? Anything better you guys recommend for around the same price? I'm probably going to go with the WD 1TB, even though I'll probably never fill that up.
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No problems with Western Digital drives since I've had them!

I've got 5 WD's in all and they are all great.
Buy an internal drive and an enclosure. Much easier to troubleshoot & recover from problems, and you ensure the drives you get are decent too.

I would also only get an external drive/enclosure that had both eSATA and USB too. eSATA is much faster than USB will ever be, so when you're at home (or anywhere else with a spare SATA port) your transfers go much faster. USB is nice to have for extra compatibility though.
I own a half-dozen WD MyBook style drives, from 400GB up to 1TB, all work great. I also own 5 WD 2.5" Passport drives, from 120GB to two of the 500's. They have them in 750GB now!

That said, for 3.5" drives, I will probably stick to enclosures and discrete drives in the future, "just in case"!
Can you guys recommend me any enclosures then? Nothing more than $50, please.
i got the little wd notebook (passport) hdd size, nice and small and only one cable to hook it up (USB).
i currently use the freeagent go for my school work, its got all my virtual pc's on it, so far its great, the sync tool that it comes with works well for me aswell
I own two Lacie rugged hard drives for when I'm traveling and have a Lacie d2 quadra 1TB dedicated to only photos and digital imaging. The WD looks more rugged compared to the seagate meaning if you accidentally dropped it, it would still work.

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Can you guys recommend me any enclosures then? Nothing more than $50, please.

I always recommend the Antec MX-1 and with free shipping, that's a real good price.
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