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Anyone else seen momentary, rediculous CPU voltage drops in CPUZ?

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every once in a while I see it drop to like .3xx volts, but it doesn't show up in Motherboard Monitor. And I'm running everything totally stock speed right now...btw, because I took everything apart today and reseated my HS on my CPU and my video card with AS5. Wow I was amazed at the amount of dust and cat hair that got inside the Ice-Q cooler on the vid card...there was a lot more in the CPU HS than I thought too.
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Sounds like a bug in CPUz to me, I don't think a CPU could run at .3xx volts. Possibly a fluke. I've never seen anything like that while using CPUz
Now...MBM5 is telling me that the CPU was at .27v for like 5 seconds, BUT I was also analyzing the CPU voltage at the same time using speed fan 4.40 and saw absolutely nothing unusual..the chart shows that it fluctuates between 1.385 and 1.41. MBM5 also says ATX 3.3 dropped to .3 v and ATX 12 dropped to 1.13 v.
It's a little frustrating working with broken tools.
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