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anyone got there 5000+be up to x16?

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Ive been getting blue screens, anyone stable? what vcore?
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a x16 Multi on my CPU required (not stable) 1.42V

My 5000+ Black rig doesn't really like High Multi's.... So I use a Low Multi and Higher FSB and acheive a Stable higher OC while running less Vcore (compared to High Multi) and a Lower temp.

I just had to play around with the HT Multi and Chipset voltages

Check out this......Lots of good info


Vcore in the Picture is set to 1.42V

EDIT: Sorry was not stabile with a x16 Multi (Looked thru my logs)

It was stable in games and everything else but not a stress test
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i always got 15 good with 1.375.... and it got hot alot.... so i took my zalman 9500 off and of course.. thermal grease everywhere.. BUT ON THE CPU. So now im getting idles at like 35C. I tried 16 with 1.40 and booted fine.. started crysis.. played it for like 20 minutes, then... BLUE SCREEN. so i tried 1.45. Blue screen even quicker... I was like d00d. I have a warning on temps above 55C & my vid card temps stay at 65c..
same, 1.42v with a 16x multi. I'm running 237x13.5 (3199.5), and it only needs 1.4v to be ORTHOS stable.
when I was using my x2 it was stable with 16x multi.. with 1.4v
really? what kind of rig was it?
mine is stable at the x16 multi with 1.4v on a Biostar 7050-M2 board....

I did manage to get it up to 3.6ghz for a few runs with 1.55v and 1 hour OCCT passed...now it sits in the wifes rig at 2.8ghz at a low 1.2v and runs very happy...
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