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I've hunted the internet for one that would read my vcore correctly to no avail. Supposedly version 1.56 was able to read it correctly but the ones i have downloaded including the beta version haven't done so.

Anyone have a version of cpu-z that reads sb voltages correctly? It would be greatly appreciated,


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Originally Posted by FtW 420
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With the gigabyte b3 boards the VTT is shown in cpu-z, you can download hwinfo32 or use the easytune utility to see the vcore.

Yes HWinfo32 works perfectly. CPUz is not able to read the DB voltages in real time yet but HWinfo32 does.

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HWinfo32 is pro.
Just don't use it when playing a gameguard or xtrap game, interferes with the scanning from the anti hack crap and causes random stuttering.
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