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A while ago I wrote a nearly complete technical document detailing the particulars of a Windows 7 install. By nearly complete, the only things left were proper technical writing grammar adjustments. Writing the doc was interesting and I learned some surprising things that the Windows 7 team probably overlooked (some order specific issues with settings). I've integrated and assembled hundreds of ruggedized turnkey systems for mission critical industrial business over the years. I was writing this doc in my free time and decided to quit and be a student again. Therefor it gets open sourced here.

TLDR: Guide started for workstations, will be adjusted for OCN use. Or possibly for 24/7 folding machines?

The guide will also briefly cover the included sysprep utility for creating an "Out of the box experience" (good if you assemble PCs for friends). Last time I checked the Win7 included package may have been problematic.

It is currently 14 pages long with detailed pictures (including cover page).

My Goals:

Replace "logo" with OCN upon admin approval

Include setting up your libraries on a network location.

Include backup setup on a network location.

Possibly include an "all open on home network" file sharing settings that work with XP PCs.

Have the document updated for any alterations or complications that the SP1 update could have altered.

Alter the doc for the community's purpose. Some parts are very specific to how I regularly standardized workstations.

Choose a service to maintain the doc (google docs?) or I will privately host it and manually update the download file (url would remain the same).

Make the installation simple and crapware free. This is currently only written for Intel boards (I usually installed supermicro). I hope to expand this and include any issues with other products.

Ask the community if they think it's necessary to include the "install" part of windows 7. Since it already exists in detail (for SSDs especially on here) I'm not so sure if it is necessary. It wouldn't be that hard to make it part of the article.


Before I publish it a couple of these issues obviously need to be worked out.

So, is anyone interested in contributing? You would need word and photoshop.

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I'm interested in helping if I can. I have a copy of 'Windows 7 Inside Out' that I found very, very insightful for a number of features I was unaware of that may aid in this project.

Let me know if it's something that's getting attention and I'd be glad to contribute.
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