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Anyone know a chatbox/comment code?

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Hey im working on a sleek site that will be offering tutorials, free templates that i make, and other stuff that has to do with webdesign and graphics. I want to add a chatbox or comment box on each page so people can discuss the items. Is there a javascript code or an html code for this? or do i have to run scripts through mysql server through godaddy? Thanks!
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Is the shoutbox the same on every page? I need it so each page has its own box. Example: If someone asks a question about a template, it only shows up on that page.
Ok thanks. Do i just use the same code for each page though? And if i go premium is there still a cap at 100?
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wow is so im going to need to make like 100 accounts?
Well, if you know how, you can alter the code so it is hosted locally on your site, then there is no limits or anything.

And you can make a different one for every page.

And before you ask, I don't know how to do this persay, I could try if I have the time but I don't realliy.
Alright ill try it out. thanks!
Sounds like you should base your site on a CMS like WordPress (and you get to blog!) or Drupal (complex).
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