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Anyone know of a way to OC your PCI-E bus speed with software?

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As the title says, anyone know how to do this, using software instead of bios? I don't have this option in my BIOS, and I read a guide here:
That suggests to do so.
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Really? Wonder why they said this on that article....did you check it out? I think they only mean by a few mHzs, but I wasn't gonna try it until WAY later anyway..I'm not one to jump into things that I'm unfamiliar with
i. e. I'm WAY cautious!
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Well, I'm pretty sure upping the speeds of anything pci can damage your hardware.
Yea its true it will i know =P I fried my very first PCI-E vid card only cranking 10mhz higher then default...DONT DO IT!!!! lol about crapped myself doing that to a $170 vid card...thx god for neweggs RMA lol
lol didn't know if affected it that much where you can fry a card... Guess I shouldn't of tried 115 with my new 8800GTX... Oh well...
well it could of been B/c i have a cheap MB or something...or i just got a bad vid card...it just didnt work when i changed it...and even after it restarted
I also heard good things about raising the PCI-E bus speeds. Mine's at 107MHz and I'm able to get 5-10 MHz more out of the core.

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So how do you do it then?
I did it in the Bios.
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Oh, you can use nTune or ClockGen for it.


Or SysTool (VERY handy tool anyway)
yea Ntune is wat i used...I bet my vid card was weak lol
I ran my 6800GS at 110mhz for a few months and nothing has gone bad. But as other people have had problems going even a few up from default, stay away from overclocking it.
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