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Anyone know where to get custom icons for my games?

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I need icons for Need For Speed: Most Wanted, DOOM 3, Star Wars: Empire at War, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Hamachi (which is not a game lol) so if anyone has them or has links to a good site I'd love for you to share with me (and everyone else on this site) I am especially fond of glassy, shiny icons lol, check out these BF2 icons I downloaded this morning to see what I like.



And the folder where my games are all located in has a variation of the green icon above that is blue (its for Euro Forces actually) so yeah.....if anyone's got any cool icons, link to them here.
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Sorry to steal your thread for a sec, but just wanted to know....

How do you like Hamachi? My friends and I thought about trying it out but never really did. It wouldn't download for 2 of them for some odd reason....
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