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I have an MSI PT880 LSR (ms-7008), and I was wondering if anyone has experience with AMI bios and could add more FSB:RAM ratio dividers options into my bios.

Currently, using my 2.4A/533mhz fsb/ 1MB L2 cache, I only have options are FSB:RAM.. 1:1 (ddr266), 4:5 (ddr333), 2:3 (ddr400), ddr433, ddr466, and ddr500.

I want an option of 5:4 or atleast 3:2, so I can run my RAM frequency lower than my FSB. (These ratios are all FSB:RAM)

Is it possible to add a divider in this scenario?

Attached is a CPU-Z screenshot, detailing my mobo and bios, and my actual BIOS file.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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