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Anyone play WAR on the EU servers?

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I liked it in beta, but at the time I couldn't afford a subscription so I never bought it.

I'm considering giving it another go with the 10 day trial, but I'd like to start on the same server as people from OCN =p

Also, how is the population? It seems to kinda be dying :X
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Originally Posted by SupahSpankeh View Post
Played and quit.

Client performance, glaring balance issues, stony silence from the lead devs after a few months, no means of countering population control without a server move (NPC armies ffs, it's not rocket science), terrible endgame RvR (city sieges are simply awful, although keep sieges can be fun if you're the right class).

Play the trial - but bear in mind that tiers 1-3 are the most fun you'll be having. Good luck!
Ya, the game does have poor balance. I've been playing an Order character and in Scenarios, we only win maybe 10-15% of the time max. Usually Destruction kills us badly.
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