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Anyone still play cod 4?

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Come on someone has got to pop this in at least once in a while????
I found one on overgrown but it has a little puddle at bottom. Come on who plays?
i do
For 360? How often?
nope PC. WAW and MW. im not playing now cuz my internet in kuwait sucks. when i get back home i will continue. my stepson also plays
I no longer play on pc. I was lookin for someone to play with on console. Darn....
Oh come on someone has got to still play this for 360. I wanted to play a little before Black ops. I sold my WAW and MW2
I play it a good bit still. GT is the same as username.
I played it a couple days ago, I enjoying playing FFA and TDM on cod 4 much more then MW2.

ive been playing a lot of mw2 to get ready for black ops
PC Only.
I would play it if I knew which one of my friends has it. I might get it from my friend this weekend or so. My GT is RamPaGe StatuZ
I wish I hadn't lost my copy :/. I loved COD4 10x better then cod6
According to xfire and raptr stats. Lots of people still play
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i play on ps3 often, and soon i will be a cod4 pc addict, promod looks phwoaaarrr
I will add the people who left gamertags next time im on xbox
i forgot to add you guys. My GT is McHRSN add me if not Ill try and remember tomorrow
At one point I had both the 360 and PC version but I ended up selling the 360 version. I still play it on the PC and just recently picked up MW2 (for the 360)
You should have saved your money for Black Ops.
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1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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