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Anyone using a Thermaltake 745

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Ive just ordered a 745 , and was wondering if anyone is using this setup. Im a noob to water ,and decided to go with a kit . To me it looks like it would take a gpu block without any problems. Compaired to a regular big water , the pump seems good 400/lph and the dual radatior setup seems enought to run a gpu /cpublock . Any comments /suggestions? thx for a great fourm . Rukkee

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well i look at it like this... the kit comes dissasembled and with the PITA crush fittings (trust me i know they suck) and if your gonna go through allll that trouble for a prebuilt kit just get the custom one. Once you get all the parts in front of you its no harder then that kit. If you need help selecting the right parts or have any questions about installing when you have all the parts ask us well gladly lead you to the water holy grail. Im just saying go custom youll thank yourself in the future
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