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Anyone wanna start an OCN-ish MoP guild for new World of Warcraft expansion? :D // HORDE

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So, looking to make a guild for MoP. I'm on Mal'Ganis... any takers?
Post here or PM me, preferably do both though! It won't be an official OCN guild or whatever, I would just like some OCN people in there since I know you guys rock. I'm thinking either Tues/Thurs, Fri/Sat or Sun//Mon, or even Sat/Sun. I personally work 8-5 and get home 6ish M-F. Let me know what you think.
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Most ppl here are anti-subscription fee.
lol I am stuck as alliance forever because the recent mount changes, they don't transform when you transfer -.-
yeah no thanks to malganis either lol
Whats wrong with Mal'Ganis? >:[
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Whats wrong with Mal'Ganis? >:[

If they are still around. My old coworkers from GameStop back in college 6+ years ago helped start that mess malganis is known for from goonsquad
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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