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Hey guys,

I've been planning this rig for like 1-2 months. I'm just wondering if there is anything missing from this list from what i need to buy.

And ignore the prices it's in AU$ if there is anything to add or feel free to give me advice on better parts. =)

Arctic Silver 5 $9
G.Skill-PI 4GB 1066 $114
EP45-UD3P $224
C2Q Q9650 $528
Power Supply (Corsiar 1000) $379
Asus SATA DVD-RW $35
HAF 932 $212
Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 3000 $47
3m DVI $9
8M Pixels USB Web Camera With NightVison+Mic $25
23.6†Asus VH-242H-Full HD 5ms DVI WS SPK HDMI $389

I know it's missing of a graphics card, currently using BFG GTX260. =)

Thanks In Advance,

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Originally Posted by YtKwonG
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OS i have Vista 64bit already.

And fans, how many do i need extra? but i'm planning to go water cooling some time soon, gonna try out the PC at the moment before going fully into water cooling

Well, it looks like the case should have enough with the side and front, especially if you are going to WC in the future. Are you going to overclock? I didn't see an aftermarket cooler so you probably won't be doing too much overclocking right now. You could pick up another 120mm for the back of the case if it doesn't come with one but I think you are fine for now.

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if posible, you should get as5 and dvi cable/webcam At a local store, because shipping is rediculus on those products.
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