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Anyway I can overclock without the bios?

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Hey guys, I have a crappy Dell inspiron 2500. It has a 800mhz celeron processor

It runs great on XP but it is a little slow.

Is their anyway I can overclock it to 1ghz+ If your bios does not support it because mine doesent
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There is probably a way to do it but the effort would not be worth it and its generally a bad idea to overclock laptops.
You could probably use a program called CPUFSB but I don't think software overclocking is a healthy way to do it.
There are software based overclock's, but they aren't really recommended.
You can, but it is not at all recommended. You have a greater chance of damaging your system than achieving that overclock... and you probably won't notice a performance difference anyway.
You can probably software overclock it but it wont get much better.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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