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Applying TIM!

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hey guys i just got some OCZ Freeze and im wondering what is the best way to apply it.

two lines a cross and 4 dots or a dot in the middle?
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Dot in the middle, rice sized!
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From website:


1. Place a small amount of Freeze (roughly the size of a grain of rice) on the center of the IHS.

2. Lower the CPU cooler directly down onto the CPU to minimize smearing, and push it gently into place (no spreading required).

3. If necessary, the CPU cooler can be wiggled slightly to facilitate the initial spreading of the thermal compound.

It may appear that only a fraction of the heat spreader has paste installed, but the cooler will squeeze the paste out to the appropriate width over time.

The presence of an Integrated Heatspreader (IHS) on the CPU greatly facilitates the application of the thermal compound. This method minimizes the chances of air bubbles and eliminates insufficient contact in the die area because of unwanted build-up in the periphery. Spreading compound over the entire heat spreader will simply result in a less even, thicker spread, leading to less heat transfer.
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A small dot in the middle has always worked best for me. Multiple lines and such create air bubbles.
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aha!! nice job guys!! REP+ for all!!

al give this a go tomorrow!!
I like doing a little + in the middle of the chip, each line is as long as a grain of rice. Also a little dot in the center works really good to.
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