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Hi guys,

I am curious what you guys would think my system is worth. I built the 1800x system to experiment with Ryzen and while I love it I will be sticking with my ITX Caselabs 7700k build. So what do you think it is worth? It was about $1650 in parts here thanks to the super high price of the Flare X RAM

Parts List:
Inwin 805 Black Chassis (glass and aluminum)
AMD Ryzen 7 1800x CPU (Can run at 4024mhz but set to 3975mhz w/1.38v)
G.Skill Flare X 32GB (4x8GB) 3200mhz 14-14-14-34
Gigabyte x370 Gaming k7 ATX motherboard w/RGB lighting (images show blue and purple)
EVGA g3 750watt gold rated modular
Corsair H110i 280mm liquid cooler
Phanteks Chassis Fans:
x3 120mm Phanteks PWM PH-120MP 1800RPM
x2 140mm Phanteks PWM PH-140MP 1600RPM

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