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Appraisal: 2 HIS X1950 Pros 256 MB

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One is a VIVO model, the other isn't. I have the Crossfire bridges as well (had to buy them separately
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Yea I think it may be 2900XT time
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VIVO $130
Normal $120
Well I'm selling my 2 Powercolor VIVO ones for $220 shipped, So ~$115 each. The low cost of the 8800GTS really killed the value of these cards :\\
Ok I'm selling at least one of these next week after I get back from a business trip. I'll be back on Friday. Anyone have more appraisals/offers?
My motherboard won't run these well in Crossfire due to the 16X/4X configuration, as well as it being a new chipset.
judging by what they're fetching on E-Bay right now, i'd say a minimum of $130 each. you might get more if you're lucky. you'll obviously want to sell them separately, as you'll have more potential customers and will probably make more money that way.
Yea that's what I was thinking. I have a guy at work that wants to buy one, but he has an AGP mobo right now. I have a PCI-E mobo for him too, but if I can make more online then so be it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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