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I have a Haswell i5-4670K it will run 4.8GHz safely on air although I'd recommend 4.7GHz and it will run 5GHz on water but I would just leave it at 4.9GHz

CPU was delidded and coolabs ultra liquid metal (best stuff at the time) was used. The chip runs ICE COLD compared to most! Out of 10 chips we bought this was the best one and only 1 other could boot past 4.8GHz.

Here is the 5GHz validation link https://valid.x86.fr/20x3y6 This was a long time ago when I had my Gigabyte OC-Force and had a video card installed. I have not been overclocking the CPU for probably 2 years now. That said just to make sure what settings you need to use on AIR I did some overclocking and stress testing.

It is super cool and super stable at 4.7GHz and 1.24v you could go lower (like 1.20) but you'd need to spend some time with your system figuring out all the little bits. I'd just leave it at 1.24 because it doesn't get hot.
4.7GHz air ASROCK Z97 Killer

4.8GHz Air ASROCK Z97 Killer
Again that is on AIR... its just a cooler master v8 with super cheap TIM.

Also wondering what I would ask if someone wanted me to include the motherboard with the CPU. It's just an ASROCK Z97 Killer not an expensive motherboard by any means.

Thanks Guys/Gals!!
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