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Appraisal: AMD mobile rig components

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I need to make room for a new build, so I'm considering selling off a couple of my systems. The components are -

AMD 2600+ mobile (45 Watt CPU)
Abit NF7-S ver. 2 (great overclocking board)
2x512 MB DDR500
Big Tyhoon

I'm currently running the system at 2.52 GHz folding 24/7 without any problems. The previous owner run it as high as 2.6 GHz; I simply haven't had the time to really push the limits on it. I'm overkilling the cooling with a Big T at the moment, but it ran cool with a much lower end HSF prior to adding in the Big T.

Any thoughts as to a reasonable selling price for this gear would be appreciated.
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For it all, I would say $100 + shipping.
CPU: ~60 (a or i stepping?)
Motherboard: 60 (hard to find the good nf2 overclockers anymore)
Ram: 80 (2x512 PC4000 would be a steal at 80!)
Cooler: 20

Originally Posted by Xavier1421 View Post
CPU: ~60 (a or i stepping?)
Hrm...good question on the stepping. I'll have to unmount the cooler before selling the system to see the exact details. I really need to work on maxxing out the OC as well and play with dropping the multi as I haven't taken the time to do so since I upgraded from PC3200 to PC4000. So much to do, so little time...

Thanks for the input.
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CPU = $25
Mobo = $30
Ram = $90
BT = $40
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