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1x Lian Li PC-343b
1x XSPC 360 Radiator
1x 120 Extra Thick Radiator (I think it's a XSPC rad)
1x XSPC Reservoir (5.25") & Pump Combo unit
1x Tank 5.25" Reservoir (pretty gunked up)
1x Swiftech Pump
1x XSPC Raystorm CPU waterblock
1x OC Cooling CPU water block
10x Stainless steel compression fittings
10x Steel threads + separate clamps
3x right angle threads
1x double right angle thread
2x Loop thread + clamps
1x Thermal fitting
1x Loop draining fitting
5x 120mm fans
1x NZXT Lighting Controller

I got all this stuff used a while back and I thought it was a pretty good deal but what do you guys think all this is worth individually or as a bundle?
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