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Appraisal: GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4400 2x512

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GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4400 2x512

All info is in above link... Can we have figures in GBP please.
How much would I get for these... Need cash for my 4month trip.

Working and had running at a great overclock.
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They are around £110 New but DDR is dying out, so I would say around £70ish

They are still a very nice + fast kit
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What speed at what timings did you get them to?
I've heard very good things about Geil memory, however, it's only 1 GB and it's DDR, so true enthusiasts (who know how good it is) also know that it's behind in quantity and speed. So, if they go for 110, new, I'd say 75 - 85 depending on the buyer.
Ta guys

£75 Squid it is then...

I had these running at stock timings and stock volts at 600Mhz never really pushed them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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