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Appraisal: Handmade Waterblock

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This could be tough, a lot of time went into this and I know I could never get enough to pay for all that time but give it a shot. Remember it is one of a kind and not just a block but a showpiece as well. Before I sell it I am going to put it on my machine for testing. It is a remake of waterblock #1 which performed well before the modifications which include the addition of an accelerator built into the inlet barb to boost pressure, the base was thinned to .070"(1.78mm), 6 depressions were cut into the base .040 deep in the center.
also included in the sale:
mounting hardware
thermal grease 10% silver
extra intake barb without accelerator for high output pumps
spare gasket

It will fit : socket's 478,775,754,939,940

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Originally Posted by Some_Idiot2

Make another one!
And sell it for about $60ish (mounting hardware and block only). Deffenetly keep the 1st one, you will probabally regret selling it.

I couldn't make them that cheap unless it had an acrylic top and plastic barbs, too much work goes into making the tops out of brass or copper.

I have made myself another one with dual outlets so I have no problem selling or trading this one if the price is right.
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