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Appraisal: Hypothetical sale

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ok this is a future for sale thread, going to help me build a conroe rig

AMD athlon 64 3800+ venice, 939, mounted onto DFI nf4-DAGF (very nice board, very overclockable like all DFI's) with ARCTIC COOLING ALPINE64 HSF (good cooler, it brought temps down to lower 30's idle and mid 40's load with the 3800+ mildly overclocked to 2.6) it is only aluminum but its big so that compensates for the lack of copper. (insert price here responders to this thread)

1GB ULTRA CL3 PC3200 (DDR400) Ram, runs DDR450 stable at stock timings (insert price here responders to this thread)

PIII Rig: PIII 550MHz MMX, 384MB PC133 RAM, CD-ROM, floppy, onboard video and audio, ethernet card, 2 free PCI slots, comes with 15" CRT and scroll wheel mouse (i have no spare keyboards) and Xubuntu installed, it boots up relatively slow but faster than it boots up Windows, plus once it boots up Xubuntu it is actually pretty fast, i was surprised at the speed that it ran regular apps (comes with Office software compatible with MS office, and the Gimp and other useful programs), and it can EASILY connect to the internet/network with the ethernet card (i used a crossover cable and connected it directly to my PC rig, and firefox was accessing web sites as well as getting a decent download speed for my internet connection (DSL 768). Also might come with a set of speakers.

Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo (PS2, works fine, mouse takes 2 AAA batteries, i am gonna check what batteries the keyboard takes)

2 sets of PII rigs: PII 350MHz MMX, 384MB PC100 RAM, Matrox 8MB AGP2X in one, ATI Rage Pro 8MB AGP2X in another, Soundblaster Live ISA cards installed (use SPK out instead of line out for speakers, it amplifies sound better for SPK; use line out for headphones). One of these has aLinux installed which includes Office suite compatible with MS Office, Firefox, the Gimp, and some built in games. The other runs Win98 and has an ISA scanner hooked up to it so you can scan images to the computer; i guess its slow but it still works; so if you want another rig just for scanning then i guess this one would work fine for you.

Tons of old video cards, sound cards, ethernet cards, and the like, mainly PCI, a couple ISA

A couple of CRT (15" monitors) ill be happy to almost give these away except shipping of course

a mac classic II with keyboard and mouse in perfect condition; floppy, HD works, i dunno how to reinstall macOS without a cdrom so it has some data, i dont really care, you can jsut delete it or take a look

A old mac monitor, it has 1 pin connector ROTFLOL!

OLD MAC VINTAGE RIG; LS5300/100 ALL IN ONE!!! thats right it has a TV tuner, component/audio/svideo inputs and it can work if you can fix it up and you can make hundreds of dollars; i got it from school to fix it up and have no time but really there is only one problem, infact the computer itself works 100% PERFECTLY, just that it doesnt recognize HD's and ive tried a bunch. in a back panel there is a loose IDE and power for any HD, and the ones i have tried dont recognize...but i can still boot from an OS cd, when i try to install it says i dont have a HD comes with keyboard and mouse

One extra MAC keyboard; no connector

some extra desktop cases; fit ATX mobo, two 3.5 and two 5.5; mATX PSU; yeah

thast about it
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I would say $100 for the RAM, and about $250 or the CPU / mobo / HSF combo

The rest I don't know much about, so I couldn't tell you, sorry.
I would say not over $30 for those PII, PIII and Macs, just because whoever buys it is going to have to pay shipping out the bum. As for the others I dont know.
thanks guys

powertrip you really think someone would pay 100 for the ram?! and 250 for the mobo/cpu.ram! wow im so happy
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he could just be wasted


I don't know... 100 for the ram?
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i was thinking like $225 for CPU/MOBO/HSF
and like $80 for ram
Well a decent GB of RAM new is like $125, and it's proven to OC well, so someone who knows what they're talking about would pay a decent price for all of it.
also there is a P3 733MHz with skt 370 HS (no fan needed)
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