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Appraisal: Ipod Touch 32G 2G JB

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I am most likely going to go to AT&T and would like to get an Iphone and since I have an Ipod Touch, I figure I might as well sell it and put the money towards the phone.

So, how much for a 32GB Ipod Touch, 2G, Jailbroken (Untethered) + a griffin iClear case. It was bought from Costco for Christmas, still under warranty, minor scratches from a week of use without case but nothing at all bad.

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$300, or whatever the selling price new imo.
Brand new price minus 50 bucks would most likely be a steal

I just wish you were here when I bought my ipod
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new minus like $30 since you have done all that to it. minus $50 for a quick sale i think.
Hahaa, well it costs 399, so I was thinking of sell it for $350, sound reasonable?
Because I'll just get a refurb Iphone at 200, so I have 150 dollars left for 5 months of data plan

P.S. Also if this is against TOS, please delete this part but I do have emulators/games already on it, so its also another bonus to the lucky buyer
$350 sounds a bit high imo. but 330 would settle the deal if i were looking for one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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