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Appraisal: Mobo and laptop Parts

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Okay got some things love you guys to give me some reasonable prices on.

s478 mobo, not sure exactly on the kind, don't have it with me at the moment, but there would be a pic if I sold it.

Parts from Dell Inspiron 5100:
15" Laptop LCD Screen
128 MB PC2100 RAM
256 MB PC2100 RAM
DVD-R/CD-RW Combo Drive
Pentium 4 2.2Ghz s478
64MB Ati Video Card

Think thats it.
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well I had a 5100 that I parted out and the screen is a 15" 4:3 ratio not a 15.4"

LCD-150 ebay OCN-130
P4 2.8ghz-30
150 for the LCD? Really?

And fixed the screen size
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yep the LCD is the most expensive part of a lappy these days...

Originally Posted by bluedevil
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added OCN price...

Yeah planned on selling on here, didn't want to mess with setting up ebay account and all that. Even if it costs me a bit.
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nothing for the vid card....i couldn't sell mine for $10 and the other stuff besides the cpu, I had to sell on ebay due to members not wanting the stuff...
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